Hi guys,
It has been long since I last posted something on the blog and what better way to come back on my laptop (my brothers laptop to be exact) than a day after Pantone released its 2017 colour of the year; greenery!



Pantone colours are not really chosen scientifically rather through a subjective method of analyzing what is trending in all aspects of our lives including fashion runways, car shows and furniture shops, to name a few. Therefore as much as it can act as a guide, nothing is written on stone and at the end of the day, colors you use in your homes are purely about what makes you happy. This choice though touched a soft spot with me, it was a colour that made sense and have an emotional connection I can relate to.

source: housebeautiful

Greenery is not your usual green but rather a beautiful mix between a shade of yellow and just the perfect blue making this type of green pop with energy. According to the team at Pantone, this was exactly what they were looking for in 2017; a colour that signifies a fresh start and new beginnings. How is this relating to me, in 2016 several things have happened, I lost my grandmother who I love dearly, my house was broken into twice and both times my laptops stolen and hence the breaks in between my blogs. This has been quite a lot for me to handle in just 6 months and I was more than happy to have a colour that will uplift my spirits and re-energize us for the coming year ahead.


For me, greenery entails being free and open to nature and even if the colour is specific, I believe we can embody everything green beautifully and cohesively in our homes. So if you’re still wondering how exactly you will incorporate the colour in your homes, don’t stress, start by bringing the outdoors in and see the transformation. Plants add so much life and character in your spaces not forgetting, cleansing the air we breathe.


Therefore Greenery you have it, colour of the year 2017. Thank you pantone, I needed this.


Back soon
Salwa 🙂



I love flowers. Who doesn’t? The beauty of living in Nairobi is the availability of flowers throughout the year, and they are relatively affordable. Flowers will instantaneously revamp a boring room. I rarely buy mine from florists, not that I have anything against them, I just like doing my own unique flower arrangements. It’s not so hard and lots of fun.

There is no rule when buying flowers, just go with what you like at the moment and change it up once in a while. I personally love lilies, all types of lilies. They look amazing on their own or mixed up with other flowers. I get my flowers at the Peponi road junction. Their flowers last up to 2 weeks! Even roses!!! If you buy a few bunches they can give you great discounts too. You can get a bunch of roses for just 80 Kenya shillings. Once you know where you are placing your flowers, they can cut the stems to the proper size you prefer, trust me it reduces so much work for you.

The following are my tips when buying and using flowers in your homes;

  1. Buy flowers from a vendor you trust that has fresh ones, so that they stay longer especially roses.
  2. Know which vases you will place each flower and have the vendor cut up the stems for you. This will save you loads of time.
  3. Inquire for flower food from your vendor, goes for 50-100/- for one packet that can be used in 2 home vases.
  4. If no flower food is available; put in a few drops of jik in the water. I have no idea how this works but I’ve been doing it and my flowers last for 2 weeks. No jokes! A tip I got from an owner of a flower farm!
  5. Change water every 3 days. This is important if you want to keep your flowers fresh for longer.
  6. Be creative in your arrangements, no rules here. Mix up colours, different heights and different sizes of flowers and just have fun with it. Below are some pictures of what I’ve done at home.


So I hope these tips will help and your homes will start enjoying the power of flowers! Feel free to comment and share pictures of your arrangementsJ


Back soon.


Salwa 😀