my dream dressing room!


I hope you are all doing well. I was given an interesting challenge by one of the leading companies in furniture to create a mood board for my dream dressing room. Now most of you must be seeing mood boards everywhere but honestly I never knew how hard it was doing one on the computer considering I am not so tech savvy. That was until I discovered Morpholio, his app which I randomly came across on Instagram saved my life!!! It’s so easy to use and you can do so much on just the free app, although I’m sure for high tech guys, you might need to upgrade!!

Moving on to why we are here, I have tried to come up with one mood board that would define my dream dressing room, although I felt I should have 2! Despite many people wanting grand rooms, I am more of a cozy functional room kind of person. I prefer rooms that have exactly what you need without creating too much space for unnecessary clutter. I’d rather have a larger bedroom than changing room!

With that said, I would want a room that can fit a walk in closet, a chaise chair and a long standing mirror! Simple and practical.

Getting into the details, living in Kenya, we all know it can get dusty at times, therefore the fantasy open closets you see are not really my preference. As shown on the mood board, I would aim for closets with sliding doors ( to save on space ) plus keep my things protected. The sliding doors with glass panels give the same feeling of openness to the room achieved with open shelving. If you notice, I went for a natural wood look which I love, gives character and class to any room.

picture source: Pinterest 
A large enough dressing room should have a seat, for changing shoes among other things, and my perfect lounge seat would be a chaise seat in tufted fabric! Goes beautifully with the rich wooden look of our wardrobes and adds to the overall elegance. Throw in a nice cushion and place a throw on the edge and you have yourself the perfect relaxation spot too. Add a side table and you’re done.

picture source:
Third on the list is a long mirror and instead of going for the contemporary mirror on the walls, I decided a standing vintage looking mirror would be perfect, makes you feel like Cinderella!

Picture source: Pinterest

The lighting I chose is not a chandelier but Pendant light, its minimalistic compared to a chandelier but yet gives off a statement. The gold of the brass goes beautifully with our rich decor!
Picture source:

Last but not least, the handmade Moroccan rug brings in the whole room together adding warmth and bringing in some culture into the whole room.
picture source:
If you notice I didn’t talk about the island most dressing rooms have these days, that’s because in my opinion, they take up too much space and give off such a kitchen look!

So there you have it guys, my dream dressing room!

As always, feel free to share your ideas and pictures below.

Back soon;

Salwa 🙂



Hi guys,
It has been long since I last posted something on the blog and what better way to come back on my laptop (my brothers laptop to be exact) than a day after Pantone released its 2017 colour of the year; greenery!



Pantone colours are not really chosen scientifically rather through a subjective method of analyzing what is trending in all aspects of our lives including fashion runways, car shows and furniture shops, to name a few. Therefore as much as it can act as a guide, nothing is written on stone and at the end of the day, colors you use in your homes are purely about what makes you happy. This choice though touched a soft spot with me, it was a colour that made sense and have an emotional connection I can relate to.

source: housebeautiful

Greenery is not your usual green but rather a beautiful mix between a shade of yellow and just the perfect blue making this type of green pop with energy. According to the team at Pantone, this was exactly what they were looking for in 2017; a colour that signifies a fresh start and new beginnings. How is this relating to me, in 2016 several things have happened, I lost my grandmother who I love dearly, my house was broken into twice and both times my laptops stolen and hence the breaks in between my blogs. This has been quite a lot for me to handle in just 6 months and I was more than happy to have a colour that will uplift my spirits and re-energize us for the coming year ahead.


For me, greenery entails being free and open to nature and even if the colour is specific, I believe we can embody everything green beautifully and cohesively in our homes. So if you’re still wondering how exactly you will incorporate the colour in your homes, don’t stress, start by bringing the outdoors in and see the transformation. Plants add so much life and character in your spaces not forgetting, cleansing the air we breathe.


Therefore Greenery you have it, colour of the year 2017. Thank you pantone, I needed this.


Back soon
Salwa 🙂