3 easy ways to decorate your kitchen wall!

Hi everyone, so finally got time to write this post. This is the last post as a response to one of my Instagram followers, who asked me to share ideas on how to decorate a kitchen wall. We all know food brings people closer together and it’s not shocking finding that the kitchen or dining area is always a busy place. Despite this, kitchen spaces are always forgotten when decorating. So below I show you 3 easy ways to decorate your kitchen walls.

  1. Shelves – I have said it before, I LOVE SHELVING! Put up a few layers on your wall with nice detailed hooks and you immediately transform your kitchen. These shelves can have anything on them from decor, books or your favourite crockery!


picture source: Earnest Home Co.
  1. Framing- frame up anything from art pieces to kitchen oriented pictures or family portraits! An easy DIY project would be to take pictures or literature from old books and place them in your frames! It adds character and definitely a conversation starter!

Another option is to frame cutlery! We all have a lonely spoon or fork left from an old set. This is a great way to upcycle!

Family pictures are also a great way to add personality and make the area feel warm! My suggestion would be to place random, fun and easy family pictures as opposed to pictures!


picture source: http://www.bystephanielynn.com


  1. Plates and pottery- this is an amazing way to spruce up your kitchen wall! I particularly love the traditional Turkish plates; they are mostly handmade and slightly expensive but definitely worth it.

Another way is to hang pots and pans, the best here are the traditional brass ones. These will definitely give your kitchen that chic boutique hotel look in an instant.

picture source: allthingshome.ke

There you go guys, easy,  simple and perfect ways to use up some of what you already have in your homes! Have fun decorating and as always, like comment and share your pictures and ideas with us!

Back soon,

Salwa 🙂

3 thoughts on “3 easy ways to decorate your kitchen wall!

    1. Hi sultana you can even place each one in a different frame not necessarily like what’s in the picture! To add some drama you can spray paint them in the colours you like before framing 😀


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