5 Tips when choosing curtains!

I believe everyone would agree that curtains make a room! It is the first thing I buy in a house. It is therefore important to know what to do when choosing curtains for your homes. An Instagram follower requested me to share how to choose curtains for her new apartment. The following are 5 things I look at when buying curtains:

  1. colour

This is purely dependent on your choice. Some go bold with prints and colours. I prefer neutral colours because of two reasons. They blend well with almost every other colour on your furniture and don’t fade quickly or rather don’t show the appearance of fading as much. A tip here is not to go too bold with print and colours in small rooms as they make them look smaller. To enlarge a room, get lighter colours best with longitudinal stripes imprints, this gives an illusion of extra length.

picture source:www.diy.com


  1. Fabric

We are lucky we live in a country with good weather throughout and therefore no need to change curtains based on whether it’s winter or summer unless you want to. Of course I would like to have silk curtains but those are expensive and quite difficult to maintain when it comes to dry cleaning. I prefer sticking to cotton or linen and one of my favourite Americana. Lighter fabrics make a room feel large and airy, heavier fabrics should be placed in larger rooms preferably. Very important to lift, gather and have a look of the fabric from the store before buying.

picture source: http://www.overstock.com


  1. Length

This is very important if you want a chic look. Otherwise you end up with culottes for curtains and everyone is wondering what’s up! For an illusion of longer windows, set your rails a few inches above your window, 4-6 inches above usually makes a big difference although you can go as high as you like (check picture below). For the bottom part having it half an inch above your floor should do for a modern look but if you like the rich draping you can increase by 2-3 inches (check picture above).

picture source: http://www.crateandbarrel.com


  1. Lining

Never underestimate the value of lining your curtains. It keeps them lasting longer, gives a more full look and let’s it drape better and of course helps in reducing amount of light. Normally I use simple cotton fabric as lining. For those concerned about light especially in areas like the bedroom, a special lining called black out can be found in any store even Nakumatt have it. It’s more expensive but will do just that; black out your rooms.

picture source: coverscanada.ca


  1. Gathers

Many have heard the words 100% gathers and so on but what do these mean in regards to curtains. Percentage of gathers simply means how full you want your curtains to look. The higher the percentage, the more the fabric and more fullness. I believe for a simple proper set, curtains should be minimum 100% gathers. Anything less will make your curtains look ironed out, which is not good. More gathers means more draping and is better in larger rooms with longer windows.

picture source: http://www.curtainsmarket.com


I’ve really tried to keep it simple, so next time you go out curtain shopping, I hope it helps!


Back soon.


Salwa  🙂



3 thoughts on “5 Tips when choosing curtains!

  1. Interesting article! Window Curtains are important things to be considered for good interior design of our home. These tips are very important for choosing the right curtain fabric. Thanks for sharing this.


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