My first DIY project!


I posted something on Instagram and asked you guys to tell me what you’d like me to write next that would interest you. One of those topics was a DIY project. First I need to say I am no DIY expert, I know how to put up designs together but I was surprised to find that I have actually done one simple DIY project. When I say simple, I mean very very simple.

So my first ever DIY project was spraying an empty olive oil bottle and reused it as a flower vase and later opted to clean it and store my fancy straws in my kitchen! It’s such a pop of colour on my counter tops and definitely exciting for all the family kids that come around! For those that live in Nairobi, you must have seen some guy along Ngong road selling the same colourful bottles. You can easily do those at home.

All you need is;

  1. Empty bottles- I prefer glass bottles with any form of engraving because it gives so much character.
  2. Spray paint- I have not tried many but the one I did are from Blazer spray paint that I bought in Nakumatt. I used flourescent pink 1002.
  3. Plenty of newspaper to cover your spray surface



  1. Make sure you do this outside, somewhere airy preferably. would help if you wore a simple mask.
  2. Wash and drip dry your glass bottles thoroughly.
  3. Layout your old newspaper and cover up as much area as possible. You do not want paint all over your other things around.
  4. Shake your spray paint canister, hold it a few inches away from the bottle and spray away. Let the first coat dry up. And repeat for the second coat. I only did 2 coats, I guess the more coats the more colour intensity you get. Your choice. Let the bottles dry outside overnight and you have your brand new bottles ready for anything your heart desires to use them for!

I hope this works as a DIY for you guys. As always share your stories in the comments, pictures are encouraged!

Back again soon,

Salwa 🙂


notice the engravings on the bottle! comes out beautifully!



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