Defining your focal point!

Hello guys,

In our last post, we touched on the one rule of decorating, balance. Achieving balance in a room requires a few things, one of them being defining the rooms focal point. A focal point in a room is – the place where your eyes first see in a room/what attracts your attention!

This can be several things such as views, fireplaces, textured walls and more. The key in achieving an attractive focal point is to decide which one you like best. In general, though, rooms with views should keep the views as their focal points for one main reason; people are instantly attracted to natural light and natural beauty!

picture source:

So what happens when a room has more than one focal point? Simple, choose nature first/views and if not available, choose what fits your style/taste. The key is to enhance one focal point to avoid the room appearing too busy!

Below, is a picture of a living room with multiple focal points; a beautiful view, a fireplace, a textured wall where the TV is and an interesting ceiling! BUT what you notice is all other points have been minimally decorated so that your eyes fall directly on the view!


picture source:


This is a simple example of using your focal points to create balance to your rooms. In my next post I shall talk about some simple steps to create a focal point for those rooms that don’t have one already.

Happy reading!

Back soon;

Salwa 🙂

p.s: feel free to comment on how you created a focal point in your room. Pics would be great!

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