1 simple decorating rule

Hello everyone,

I woke up excited to write this post. So I decided my first decorating post to be about some of those daunting decorating rules out there. And some of the best designers out there, break their own rules.

With that said, I have only 1 rule I believe everyone needs to try and achieve with any space; BALANCE!!!!!!! Your space needs to have a sense of balance with all that you put in, be it furniture, paint, lighting or accessories.

I have found balance in the most simplest of designs and complete chaos in houses full of grand collections not set well. Remember, balance does not mean “same everything” but the ability for you to bring a room together at the end of your decorating, everything has to tie in eventually.

(picture from: house beautiful showing a well balanced room)


At the end of the day though, doing what I love is what makes decorating fun for me as wisely said by one of the designs gurus out there;

“If you love something it will work, that’s the only real rule”- Bunny Williams.

Back soon,


One thought on “1 simple decorating rule

  1. 👌love how the white background is brought to life by the complimentary colours 🔷🔶 . The envelope part of the building being part of interior decor 👍 And also great spot for the living room Beacuse of its ability to bring in light in diffrent angles .


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