Hello everyone,

My name is Salwa, I am a medical doctor by profession BUT with a huge love for all things home décor! After many years of singing this song, I have decided to share this love with everyone by starting an Instagram page called; allthingshome.ke.

While the Instagram page is showcasing things I have curated for sale, it does not give enough space to explain or share ideas on décor, and therefore I decided to start this blog. This space will allow me to share my thoughts, inspirations and give some little advice on how I decorate my home. Something I hope will benefit many out there.

That being said, feel free to follow, share, like and comment!

Back soon;

Salwa 🙂

IG page: allthingshome.ke


5 thoughts on “hello

  1. Plants& flowers pyschologically improves the emotions of the user and also its best way to decorate any old and empty table in your home . They give you an outdoor feeling of freshness 💐🌹🌷🌼🌸🌺🌻🍃🌤


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